2018 Hualien Earthquake Response

Give2Asia is currently mobilizing immediate and direct support for local organizations engaged in recovery efforts for the February 2018 earthquake in Hualien, Taiwan. Primary needs include medical services, shelter, and emergency response coordination between local, national and international responders.


Situation Overview

Updated on February 13, 2018



花蓮是台灣偏鄉,這個新年前的地震讓許多人頓失依靠,餘震不斷也讓重建工作更加困難。您的捐款,將投入花蓮在地非營利組織的災後重建。Give2Asia 團隊邀您一起,為重建美麗的花蓮加油!

Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images

Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images

  • On February 6th, 2018, a 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit Hualien, Taiwan, causing 17 deaths and leaving 291 persons injured.

  • As of the latest update (Central Emergency Operation Center, 2/12/18), 435 people are living in temporary shelters and require assistance to build back their homes.

  • Hualien is a remote region of Taiwan, and its local economy and infrastructure have been seriously damaged by the earthquake and require assistance from the international donor community. Further, a series of aftershocks continue to inflict damages upon the region.

  • Six major buildings have collapsed and need to be demolished for safety concerns. Additionally, countless homes have been demolished, bridges have been severely damaged and highways have been closed. 

Current Relief response & Partners

Our list of response partners is growing. Please check back here regularly for more details.


Hualien County Sinshan Inter Community Association

Hualien County Sinshan Inter Community Association is looking for donations to renovate the damaged children's library, and to provide a safe reading environment and a robust collection of books for the children in Hualien.

Hualien Shin-Shan Intercommunity Association (Shin-Shan) is a small organization that has worked diligently with its local communities. They aggregate resources to better serve the people of Hualien, particularly members of the disadvantaged minority  groups and indigenous children. They provide a reading environment for elementary students and operate two mobile libraries. Shin-Shan programs include providing job opportunities for unemployed seniors, empowering disadvantaged families in indigenous tribes, and spreading knowledge to children through a mobile library serving 13 towns within and beyond the county. 

Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Eden Social Welfare Foundation seeks donations to help the community they serve to renovate and/or re-build homes and to purchase basic needs for survivors.

ESWF's mission includes vocational training, job counseling, and emotional therapy for physically and mentally disabled for adults, early intervention services for children with delayed development and residential care for seniors. Due to the Hualien earthquake, six major buildings and countless homes were severely damaged. ESWF is currently contributing to their community by renovating and refurbishing the many damaged homes and buildings with new equipment and furniture. 


United Way Taiwan

United Way Taiwan seeks donations to help the community they serve to renovate and/or re-build homes and to purchase basic needs for survivors.

In Taiwan, a group of activists involved in social advocacy seeking more effective ways to have impact through the power of collaborative actions founded the United Way of Taiwan in 1990. Together with corporates, nonprofits, governments, and the general public, United Way of Taiwan looks for effective solutions for urgent issues in Taiwan and hopes to achieve the common good of Taiwan as a philanthropic society. Through promoting “Give”, “Advocate”, and “Volunteer”, United Way of Taiwan mobilizes people with good will to join philanthropic actions, focusing on building blocks of quality of life, improving the lives of the disadvantaged, and promoting social equality.


New Dawn Education Center

New Dawn Education Center is in need of donations to repair their earthquake-damaged building to continue to provide housing for children with mental and physical disabilities. 

New Dawn Educational Center was founded in 2006 by New Dawn Kenya, in conjunction with partner Karura Community Chapel, to help restore hope and bring healing to the Huruma Village. Their reach has since expanded even further to help support Githogoro and similar communities within the greater Karura Area. 

To date, Give2Asia has swiftly and thoughtfully responded to over 60 natural disasters in Asia and rebuilt local communities with $50 million in funding. Let us be a part of your Hualien earthquake response. 

For more information, contact Sheena Agarwal, Development Manager of Disaster Programs at +1 415 967 7378 or sagarwal@give2asia.org.