2016 Honor roll

Thanks to everyone who supported our work in 2016

The directors and staff at Give2Asia offer thanks and recognition to everyone who supported charitable projects in 2016. In addition to over $27.5 million in grants, Give2Asia received unrestricted gifts to help build its network of local nonprofit and social enterprise leaders across Asia.  

Thanks to those listed below who made unrestricted gifts to Give2Asia …


... totaling $350,000
The Ford Foundation
... totaling $150,000
The Asia Foundation
... totaling $77,000
Carter Tseng


... totaling over $10,000 to $50,000

William Fuller & Jennifer Becket
Eugene & Jenny Hong
Ta-lin & Joyce Hsu
Bill & Mary Kim
Leslie Schilling

… totaling over $1,000 to $10,000

Narendra & Niti Agrawal
David & Sherry Arnold
Shawna Ballard
Lichung Chang
Frank Ellsworth
Anita Fahrni
Michael Kelly
Gary Marshall
The Robert Lemelson Foundation
Patricia Robinson
The Sanctuary Fund
Bo Shao & Jenny Pao
Paul & Mary Slawson
George & Barbara Sycip
Bill Taylor
Debra Veth

… totaling up to $500

Marsha Berry
Phyllis Birnbaum
Kelly Close
Perry Ha
Larry Herlacher
Tim Houts
Qian Lv
Patricia Marquez
David Springer
Ryoko Takamatsu
Daniel Tanita
Joe Vosen
Spencer Wang
Carol Williams
Phyllis Yasuda
Robin Zhang