Nowhere in the world are disparities in wealth seen more acutely than in Asia. While certain populations in Asia continue to become more affluent, many more communities are being left behind, and in some cases worse off due to cultural and environment degradation. Give2Asia believes the best way to make an impact with these communities is to fund local initiatives, run by local groups within target communities. 

Let Us Help You Reach Your Goals

Give2Asia can be your partner to support specific organizations and programs, and can also help you broaden your focus to a wider range of issues and countries. Our services include:

  • Research and project design move your ideas from the drawing table to implementation. 
  • Program management and reporting help guide projects to completion and help understand the impact. 
  • Partner Funds that create a more direct link for general support funding to partners. (LEARN MORE)
  • Thorough due diligence builds trusted relationship with local organizations. 
  • Advised grant making ties your giving to specific projects and reporting requirements. 
  • Endowments to Asia-based groups bring help to the communities you support for a period of time or in perpetuity.


A network of local experts who provide a deep understanding of social sectors in their communities, can carry out research, conduct due diligence, and implement projects with both grantees and local employees of corporate partners. 

Custom service agreements to meet your specific needs, including access to the right local resources in our network.  Research and partner identification can be tailored to your objectives, and lead into longer-term grant making.

Technical training for your Asia-based grantee partners on an ongoing-basis or as a one-time project to strengthen their programs.

United States or Hong Kong tax receipts for donations.


Transparent access to approved grantees across all issue areas and countries. Grantees include local groups that have successfully completed Give2Asia’s rigorous vetting process and that are ready to partner with you on specific projects.  Organizations can also identify themselves as Give2Asia Network Members, which allows them to attract support from a broader base of international donors.

Engagement of your donors with program-specific campaigns around disasters or other programs. Give2Asia can work with you to create an online presence for the grantees and causes you wish to support.

Grant making that also includes ... donor advised fund services, proper due diligence on grantees, meeting US regulations for international grant making, and ensuring local laws in recipient countries are followed. 

Give2Asia’s Network

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