The Give2Asia Network Member Badge

For nearly 15 years, Give2Asia has been building a network of trusted charitable partners across Asia. We have done this to help build lasting connections between philanthropic investors and community organizations doing excellent work across a broad range of issues.

How do we shine a light on these great organizations? Today we identify those partners with the Give2Asia Network Badge. 


The Badge signals some important facts about the organization:

  • The organization has successfully completed Give2Asia’s thorough Due Diligence review and will be an approved Give2Asia grant recipient at least through the end of the current calendar year.
  • U.S.-based and Hong Kong-based donors are able to support the work of the organization with tax-deductible giving using Give2Asia’s services.

Why Give2Asia is introducing this badge:

For many years, donors have asked Give2Asia to be more transparent about the hundreds of approved grant recipients in its network. We hope this badge will accomplish three things:

  1. Help these vetted charitable groups in Asia to clearly identify themselves to corporate, family and private foundation donors.
  2. Encourage U.S. and Hong Kong-based donors to make gifts supporting these vetted organizations.
  3. Build visibility for Give2Asia’s entire network of charitable groups in Asia, thus encouraging other charitable groups to join our network.


Give2Asia has two different kinds of charitable partners:

Fiscal Sponsorship partners: These are groups that are working with Give2Asia to receive support from international donors. Donations could be large as small as $10. These partners have online giving pages at that help you to easily support their work. Search here to find these groups.

Advised Grant recipients: These are groups that are approved to receive Advised Grants from Give2Asia. Donors can advise on grants of $10,000 to a specific project or organization they identify. If that group is not currently in Give2Asia's network of approved grant recipients, donors can also initiate a Due Diligence review to have that group added. Learn more here