Build China Programs & Partners with Confidence.

You can engage with confidence in China knowing that Give2Asia is your formally registered, on-the-ground partner.  

In China, relationships and face-to-face partnerships are key to success. With Give2Asia's 17-year history and in-country staff, you can engage in long-term program building and community partnerships.

Give2Asia can support your work anywhere in China across a broad range of issues.  Our full offering of services include: 1) Advised grant making, 2) Value-added research and advisory services, 3) Partnership development, and 4) Full program management.

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Carol Yang, China Chief representative

Carol Yang plays a crucial leadership role in providing strategic leadership in Give2Asia business development in China. She is responsible for overseeing, managing, and developing programs in China; managing China office human resources, finance and administration; overseeing the China office and staff; and representing Give2Asia and raising our visibility and promoting our services in China. She is responsible for ensuring that the China team provides excellent and individualized service to our grantees and donors.

Read About Give2Asia's Representative Office Registration

Give2Asia received on June 30, 2017 its formal approval to establish its Representative Office in China under the new Overseas NGO Law.  We are very pleased to be registered with our professional supervisory unit, the China People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) and in cooperation with the Beijing Public Security Bureau.  Read our announcement for more details.